A swashbuckler set in the West Indies of the early 19th Century, THE WITCH FROM THE SEA is a love story, a coming-of-age adventure and an eccentric comedy of manners about a woman who runs with the pirates to free herself from the conventional "rules" of gender, race and class.

Tory Lightfoot, an orphan of mixed white and Mohawk blood, flees the stifling gentility of 1823 Boston for the freedom of the open sea. But the merchant ship on which she stows away is boarded by pirates off the coast of Cuba, and Tory is forced to join the pirate crew to save her life. Making herself useful as both log-keeper and spy, she begins to earn a measure of the independence she craves. But fate, fever and the relentless U. S. Navy West Indian Squadron close in, and Tory must risk her hard-won freedom to save the man she loves.
"I highly recommend this book to any lover of historical fiction."
— The Historical Novel Society Review
"The Witch From The Sea is that rare creation, an historical romance with guts as well as glamour. Wild-spirited Tory is an irresistible character."
— Nautical historian Joan Druett (She-Captains; Hen Frigates)
"I am in love with this book. A+."
Reading Rocks / YA Fiction Review

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Okay, this image has nothing to do with my book!

There is no moment when candle smoke rises up in the shape of a sailing ship to lure Tory out to sea. (Although, maybe there should have been — if only I'd thought of it!)

This is just a random image I found while cruising the cyberseas, which I posted on my Pinterest page for The Witch.

But isn't it cool!

It captures perfectly the spirit of adventure and romance, along with the dark undercurrent of longing, that inspires Tory's adventures!

(Sadly, I have no idea where this image comes from, but I'll post the info if I ever find out.)